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Project 100% is comprised of community partner with a passion for enhancing society.We work collectively to BE THE CHANGE so many wish to see.


Project 100% comes alongside families to meet their needs and help enhance the communities we share.By working with stakeholder in shoring up the resources necessary for success we are able to reduce risk to children and increase the chance of accomplishing goals which transform lives.

We are proud to be a part of educating youth,partnering with parents and enhancing quality of life for the elderly.Because we understand at the core of every successful community is the desire to make visions and dreams come true.We help establish and achieve goals while generating awareness and encouraging cooperation. 


Community Coalition For Caring

The Program

 Project 100% is a national program that sets forth projects within communities that engage businesses,organizations and families to enhance the quality of life and productivity for all involved.By creating synergistic partnerships which furnish resources and opportunities to area children and families the outreach accomplishes it’s goal of building better lives one individual at a time,while helping businesses and organizations to flourish within the communities they operate.

The Purpose & Partnerships

 Project 100% allows businesses,organizations and clubs to come along side children and families to assist in meeting their needs while developing their own ability to create positive consumer based relationships.As we support and sustain corporate America we enrich the quality of life for each individual and group involved. 

Through events,activities,campaigns and outreach efforts Project 100% mobilizes its supporters to transform lives while building their business or organizational base.By enhancing education,supporting “at risk” youth and facilitating Project Based Learning programs we make a lasting positive impact on communities,while building the ability to become involved.

The People

Project 100% includes a multitude of marketing executives,social service and education consultants,entrepreneurs and youth program based leaders.Allowing participants from every age and background to participate,benefit and help facilitate personal as well as community based progress.

BBlessed Crochet & Craft Club

Meets the first Tuesday of the month 6-7 P.M.

Community Service & Craft Camps

We are proud of our award winning day camps for youth hosted each Winter,Fall,Summer & Spring!

Project & Experience Based Learning

Serving youth 5-17 years old

Proudly Partnering With Businesses & Schools

Volunteer to assist with club meetings,crafts or projects.We also help satisfy Community Service hour requirements for students.

Creating Gifts For Those In Need

Many of our youth projects serve challenged children and families!

Teaching Kindness & Compassion Through Creativity

Expand your youth's education and imagination!

Building Better Communities Together

Families Are Our Focus


Project 100% is a Coalition Of Caring developed by our firm to insure we infuse resources and support into the communities where we conduct business.Through positive partnerships we help guarantee all children have an equal opportunity to access effective education.We create and support experience/project based learning programs which offer mentorship along with innovative lesson plans.Involving other organizations,groups and entities who are stakeholders in the regions success.

Project 100% produces Community Service & Craft Camps for youth,honors our military,veterans and law enforcement officers through Hats 4 Heroes and produces events as well as campaigns that engage families in activities that shore up the resources required to live abundantly and with passion.

Project 100% places an emphasis on supporting children with special needs as well as families facing poverty or catastrophic illness.We also offer resources to various clubs,groups and faith based communities to better empower them to help others,such as hosting free Crochet Classes to groups so they may then make items such as hats,blankets and clothing to donate to those they serve.

We procure partners and resource for youth sports teams and gather volunteers through our Army Of Angels so important family focused efforts may succeed!Contact us to help with our Project 100% programs such as:Hope 4 The Holidays,School Supply Drives,Community Service & Craft Camps,Crochet Classes,Hats 4 Heroes,Tem Self Esteem or Rebels With A Cause Motorcycle Rides and Community Caravans.